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Well Yesturday i have to format my server cause it was really screwed up. And am going to sell it to for 500 dollars :D ( i got it for 75 Dollors :D), so there will be no more more VCSL.... :cry: . But don't worrie there is still lots for people that will host vids and pictures for you for free, ex: andyroososoft and Bloodmess13. I had a good run... being the first hoster to host stunt vids ( I believe,correct me if am wrong). There is still andyroososoft and bloodmess to host your vids... But I will keep making Videos and hanging around. So I would like to say thanks for all your support and Good luck andyroososoft and Bloodmess13.

P.S: I had the best website!!!!!!!PWNED!!


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Your site was cool, Sad to see some of the competition dwendling, I apologize for not being able to help you out anymore then i did. Good luck, on your vids also. Enjoy your time off from the website, i know how time consuming it can be, trust me.

responding to your PS... :roll:

VCSL: few thousand hits, http://redasses.homestead.com/vicecitystunts.html: 1815 hits

http://thegamersalliance.com : 206,683 hits, 24.71325 gigs of bandwidth (and those #s are just for the first 12 days of Nov).... CORN PWNED YOU :twisted:

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yeah man, u had a really nice site. just ur server wuz alwayz really bitchy to me... would never let me on to download vids :(. well newayz dude, it wuz gr8 workin with u, and i cant wait to c ur next movie (vol. 2)

Remember everyone - even though DJ GTA's done hosting

we'll alwayz gladly accept ur videos. me and bloody do the same - and different things:

Bloody: Bloody has a fast transfer speed, and u have the oppurtunity to export all of ur videos to his server netime u want

Me (Andyroososoft): I organize all of the best video, and put the very best into sections. My transfer r8 is reasonable. I will host nething from illegal software to huge 150 MB stunt vids.

So basically you can still get ur vids hosted, like DJ said, after he's done hosting.

DJ, u should've just stuck with an apache server like me!!!

l8er - - - happy stunting - - - - - Andyroososoft

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