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Need Host


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Hi hostel's.

I need the host for server with this :

FTP owner

SubAccount FTP for map managers (access only in [maps])

Host from USA and no lag

Backup create/import/download

Access on .db files ( I remember one host without this)

Now I have ogserver but I never use this one why is not good for me.

Lag (why the host is Germany) and can't make the subAccount FTP

Waiting reply tnx.

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All your needs can be provided by AsphireServers ;)


Tnx For Reply

But who i can make the subAccount FTP only for one folder?

i check the demo and option is only filemanager

Yes, you are able to. Once you have a server you will have both filemanager and FTP features, sub accounts are also included. So that does mean you can limit a sub account to a certain folder.

EDIT: I can also setup a test server for you for one day so you can try it out yourself...

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