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World Record: Wheelie, Stoppie, Grind

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TGA (The Gamers Alliance) is hosting yet another World Record Contest. As before we are the only ones known who are collecting these stats. The record holders will be posted on the main page at Http://thegamersalliance.com as well as in this post. There will be five categories. Wheelie distance, Wheelie duration (time), Stoppie distance, Stoppie duration, and Grind Distance.


~ NO TWEAKING! (If you are found to have used tweaks, you will be kicked out and not allowed to enter the competition again)

~ Both MTA:VC and GTA:VC replays are allowed

~ You MUST have the REPLAY and a VIDEO of the scores for it to be submitable (F2 to record replay)

~ You must remain on your bike for the duration of the stunt, including the completion! (and ride it out for 3 seconds)

~ No Glitch Exploitation!

~ If your submitting a grind video include only the grind and not additonal stunts.

The rules are a little different on this one. This is because we want to make sure that our stats are legit stats and not someone photoshopping screen shots. YOU MUST take VIDEO of the scores. This is best done with FRAPS. The score MUST be included in the capture, Just remember as soon as you touch the ground, hit the record button for a second or two while it shows you your scores and then your good to go. We also want you to include the in game replay of the stunt. Hit F2 to save the replay of your stunt and then pull it out of your My Documents/GTA Vice City User Files folder. Zip these files into a Zip folder and then you can upload them at TGA free: http://thegamersalliance.com/index/ . With the grinds, You MUST include a video of the entire grind and you riding it out afterwards! Also, TGA (Bloodymess13, Samurai_Ohk, Geldarr, and CaptainRadd) will judge who has the longest grind, If there is a question as to who has done the longest there will be a new post with a poll with the questionable videos so everyone will be able to vote which one is the longest. Good luck everyone and if you have any questions ask before you try to compete.

~ Bloody

Records: 2628 - SM|Gamefreek ~ http://www.thegamersalliance.com/videos/GFs2628ft.avi




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Its harder to get a good score whiling using the PCJ 600. But if you use Sanchez, then it's easy to get ex 20000ft.

How do you do that? And where? I often fall because I go to hard. What I do is pressing forward and leaning backwards and release it when I get to high then I do it again when I come down.

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The only thing you have to do, is to find the right spot when you're doing a wheelie, then then bike will hold its own balance.. if you understand? I have a screenshot where I almost get 20000ft (world record is nearly 40000ft) but it is 1024x768 and if I post it, Ill probaly get banned. :D

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