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-FTW- Gaming The New Generation of Gaming


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Hello friends, I'm presenting you our clan named -ftw- aka For The Win !

Not much to explain, we are the new hope of gaming and would like to welcome new members and players and gain experience of more modern gaming, but we cannot achieve this without your help!

Our aim is to give you happiness and enjoyment out of gaming on our server.

Some simple Designs/Screenshots


We are already full of players and even tagged on different maps !



Some of our modern stuff ;)

Our user Panel - mtascreen20121008174136.png

Stastics - mtascreen20120908125933.png

We also have a login panel, unfortunately I'm having problems with taking pictures.

We are also getting a Most wanted 2 style race game-mode which will be the first type of race ever in MTA !

And many, many more new stuff coming up !

Dont forget to visit out site http://www.ftwgamers.xaa.pl !

Enjoy and have fun !


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Hello there! Our server has been updated to 2.0 !

The new updates include the following :

- Car hide/fade !

- New Scoreboard with flags !

- Brand new "race" gamemode which none of other servers have !

- and an updated Userpanel that will have no more bugs and has toptimes shown on the buy map screen !

Hope you will enjoy our new features, thanks.

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