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No sound - In-game & Out

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I was playing MTA:VC...

I decided to close VC and browse the net. So I close VC and accidently leave the client/server thing open. I realize Im still connected and close it. Now I have no sound at all!

Almost like it was from MTA being left open. I still have some sound. But it is very faint and I cant hear most of the stuff. My speakers are up and Ive rebooted and such.

Any ideas on this?

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Got the same problem.

I discovered that if I change my audio settings in VC to wathever else than Creative EAX, it works, just lower sound quality of course :P

Hope I don't need to reinstall my drivers :?


Just found the problem.

Just fired up AudioHQ, opened EAX Control Panel, and under the Source tab Original Sound was set to 0%, it should be 100% :shock:

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check in control panel and see the sound settings, that happens to me wen i plug my mic in on my laptop

the system sound could be way down

or you could troubleshoot your speakers

had a problem like this once too.....but do wut he says
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if you're using Creative's EAX just make sure that hardware acceleration is on full. I noticed it wasn't by default on my machine yesterday. Just notch the value to full to make sure you are using the soundcard's own CPU properly. This will proberbly not fix your sound problem but you'll get a few extra FPS. (not much - a few).

If the sound gets worse set the accelaration level to none, but just remember your computers own CPU takes the load.

Another thing what it could be is a corrupt driver or file on your computer. I recommend that you reinstall DirectX, your soundcard drivers (update these if you can with new ones) and Vice City. Goto "start menu/run" and type "dxdiag.exe" (without "") Run this tool to verify your DirectX files for corruption (If it says all is ok, I'd still reinstall DX just to make sure) You can also use this tool to check you sound...

If you've reinstalled all that and still have problems then it could be [repeat: could be] your soundcard's preamp (Symptoms of this is very very quiet sound) If that's the case then :( go and see your dealer and see if it's still covered under warranty.

http://www.sblive.com/ - Get your latest drivers here

http://www.microsoft.com/directx - Get the latest DirectX here

file:///d:/setup.exe - Vice City Setup (put your disk in the drive tho :wink: )

Chances are this is not your problem. But it's a good starting point to eliminate the basic stuff first. Once you've done all this you're gonna have to start looking at other options to fix your sound.

BTW: If all else fails...reinstall everything. This has been found to solve 99.9% of all computer related problems :P

You're problem is definately not MTA. It will be something in windows or the such...

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