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problem with scoreboard


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Hi! friends , look the problem is that no image in the scoreboard...

function ranks() 
     local account = getPlayerAccount(source) 
     local zombiekills = getAccountData(account,"play.kill") or 0 
     if (zombiekills <= 500) then 
          setAccountData(account, "Rango", "1") 
          setElementData(source , " Rank", "1.png") 
     elseif (zombiekills >= 300000) then 
          setAccountData(account, "Rango", "2") 
          setElementData(source, "Rank", "2.png") 

and the scoreboard client

elseif column.name == "rangos" then 
                        dxDrawImage( topX+theX, y+s(1), 30, 30, content, 0, 0, 0, cWhite, drawOverGUI ) 

some solution? Thanks

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