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Spawn point camping


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ok, i know much cant be done about this, but its pissing me off. the lameasses that go to a player spawn point, and just camp there, killing ppl as they spawn. i mean honestly, i dont mind dying, but when i get killed 4 seconds after starting, my interest in playing drops, alot. to me this offense is almost as bad as someone using a trainer.

The mexican spawn is the most offending spot, as you get the m60 there, and the rooftop is hard(er) to hit ppl on, than on the ground. And dont tell me to choose another character, thats not the point.

could some sort of check be implemented that checks if a player is in certain radious or spot for X amount of time, and maybe decrease their health when they've "camped" a certain spot for too long? Since there arent really any sniper-ish weapons, and the alternate aim doesnt work, i expect players should be on the move fairly often anyway, so it wouldnt affect anyone who's really playing.

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There isn't anything that can or should be done. If you don't like that then change characters. It's free for all unless agreed otherwise.

I spawn as a mexican 90% of the time and I agree that people spawn kill. In that case just get ready to run get that health and hop over the railing and your home free.

I have been accused of spawnkilling at the airport but we were outside and he was shooting! Just because we are both the mexican character doesn't mean I can't kill you, so how long do you need before you are officially in the game? 5 mins? 500 ft? This isn't directed at you specifically but at the subject in general.

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No man you have to be very

"lucky" to get spaw killed in MTA . Since it lags a lot . You can just spaw and run for oyur life and the guy will not be able to shoot you. Only if your playing in LAn . Then there will be no lag . But if your playing online it is super easy . Just pay atention :?

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Well if anything, they should have like a 300 ft safe zone, 10 seconds, or when the spawned player shoots, whichever comes first.

I usually wait for the spawned player to shoot I think then it is open season. The problem is that the next guy to spawn is caught in the crossfire. I am just ready to fight when I get in and if that spot is way too hot I might just spawn somewhere else.

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perhaps i just seem to have bad luck, but there's isnt enough lag to stop other f u c k s from killing me outside of 3 shots. Free for all doesnt mean stand in one spot and kill ppl as they enter the game, it means anyone can kill anyone, and teamplay is not in effect, nor is stunting.

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I dont think spawn killing has to be "killed"...

I mean, I dont like campers in CS, but this is the game...

the anticampometers are just as annoying as the camp itself...

Just spawn elsewhere...

If guyz really camp at a spawn point, it wont be hard for u to spawn elsewhere and find allies to kill the spawn bastards :D

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  • MTA Team

Dude its not hard to get away from spawn w/o dying. That other dudes right, you would be LUCKY to get hit cause there is usually lag cloaking you.

On a happier note: Some servers heavily enforce rules against things like this. Find them and stick to them. :)

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i always see mexicans killin anythin that moves (includin themselves)

maybe there could be a friendly fire option 4 the admin?

mta is still ffa.

i usually spawn as a cop, and as there are two spawn points, i don't find spawn killing a prblm. still, it must be 4 ther to be a topic :? .

maybe the spawn points could be random within an area, i think that could help, if the spawn killer couldn't be sure where you might appear. then you might spawn behind him and be able to kill him b4 he can get a bead on ur a$$.

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I am not even saying it's bad. Have you ever been at the airport as the mex and all the cars are gone? Makes me want to kill!!!

I don't wait for them to appear and shoot down the hall but if they are moving around outside the airport or even in the lobby, and I don't have a ride? I'm shooting.

MTA is ffa and just like the ref tells the boxers at the start of a bout. Protect yourself at all times.

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We're currenty finding a way to get rid of some of the camping. Most likely we will use a system that looks for a ped-node near a random given point in the desired spawn-area. This would make it nearly impossible to predict the spawning coords of another player.

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