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Ok, im leaving the forums, all i c here it a bunch of fucking assholes who cannot be wrong, so fuck it, i find no more fun in the forums at all, i used to be liked here, but everyone seems to be an ass. VCP will still live on but we are no longer a MTA gang, we will be playing in mta leagues and mta servers and etc, but we will also be a gta t and maybe gta wo gang. i guess i may never get 2000 posts due to some queer deleting about 50 of my posts, i find no enjoyment in here at all, im mainly pointing my accusions at the mta team and moderators of the forums (mainly a few, i get along with quite a few mta team members very well) and im not gonna say there names but im sure you know who they are. So, what im trying to say here, is fu

Good day, see you assholes on irc or the mta servers

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Well....well....well Fuck this forum and everyone on it! that all i have to say and that all i will say! oh yeah...eat shit and die too i quit with these faggot ass forums im with iggy!

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now this is a sorry site

Iggy, I havent actually heard anything from you on these forums in the last month or so.

As for VCP, i withhold my full comments, but i cant really complain as i originally encouraged you to start the VCP and gave you the help i could when it was in its infancy.

You are still welcome to post here, and you will still be a member of B.L.A.S.T.A.

Ill still be in touch with you, as i guess you will be playing mta as well, and the VCP* will still be around

You will be missed, as you are one of the few original modstack posters still around.

Good luck to you iggy! - i hope to be with you on the battlefield in the future

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oh yay u deleted the other post to make it look like you were right. WHAT A SURPRISE. i dont care anymore, ban me off these forums since u seem to be LOOKING for a reason. u heard me bumpsy BAN ME i dont give a FUCK anymore. im happy to follow iggy on this one, and i will do whatever he decides. i respect him, and we will take our already anxious to leave clan with us.

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MRBUMP FACE IT, YOU GUYS ARE ASSES! Fuck all this. Thes eforums are fucking gay. You to xerox! Like DeathB said! You're ALWAYS deleting and making yourself look good you dumb fuck! Well guess what! I'm gone too, and I'm sure you'll ban us. But we don't give a FU

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he was actually refering to mrbump and not myself

as for you posty, i wont bother banning you. If you want to never post here again that is your call.

And i never edit/delete posts without good reason

insulting devs/mods is not needed, but in this case i still wouldnt delete the post (i usually lock threads instead ;-P )

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