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Mr.Hat sucks


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i wont change the name unless u can give me ROCK SOLID proof that you started vcpd "way back when." and im not talking about screenies from 0.1 cuz i could fake some with u saying that u like your mom. im talking about some ROCK SOLID proof. a thread or post on THIS forum would more then appease me. otherwise we wont change our nicks, cuz our vcpd has a lot more of a basis to go by then u do so far

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VCPD and it stands for Vice




vcp is vice city police the two clans became partners

ur the king of crack. iggy started this clan b4 u were even around. and u think wed change our nicks now cuz ur dumbass is coming onto these forums screaming that u started this clan? :o you buddy. i have money on that u would match t.row's ip range exactly

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Like what a pic or whinessis or what was i supost to take a pic of me saying in the firt mta that i started it i made that clan in in quake3 look i am the king and always will be the king of VCPD the people that aded vcp i dont know of

This guy is high. It is obvious to me that he read up on the forums as best he could and started a deliberate flame thread. As far as evidence I submit the poll, who is Death 8, Spike Lee's sequel to Girl 6? Plus his limited reading comprehension led him to believe that VCPD preceded VCP. What else ruins this guys credibility are words like "whinessis" and how everyone "feers" him and he says he's from Florida gadfly so don't start.

Why give this guy who is just stirring the pot any undue attention? I saw this when it was posted but I ignored it thinking it would be deleted. Why wasn't this deleted? When [edit] started a flame thread against [edit] it was deleted and B[edit] was banned. I hope this guy is banned and this thread is deleted and that the other case was not selective enforcement if this if found to be baseless, which it should.

For the sake of argument what if he did start VCPD long before DB did? Who did he recruit and train? Where is that gang now? Who ever remembers joining his gang and who in the gang now would stay in it if he was the leader? No one. So what is a leader without a gang?

Finally everyone knows that I started VCPD on StarWars Galaxy months before Iggy or DB. We were feered by all and our jurisdiction was 10,000 parsaks surrounding Naboo. Noone can prove that I didn't, because you cannot prove a negative according to the rules of logic.


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I think I saw iggy in 1.0 and yes he is the true starter of the clan but I couldent find him after 2 months of looking and thought he died or something. so i took charge but if you want the clan death b than have it. ill start a new clan [Mr] clan and this is the proof of me starting it unless some as taken the [Mr] clan name it is mine now.

what kind of work is noone its no one shit for brains

P.S how do you stop this subject

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well said kfg :)

lol, DeathB agrees that I started the clan, Mr. Death please add me to the poll. mu hahaha.

Mr. Death I would be embarassed too. I hope it's locked or left open but not deleted. And I wonder how Mr.Bump and Mr.Bill will feel about your socalled "Mr.Clan"? In any case don't look for Mr.Kungfugrip.

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HE sucks

I told him that it was possible to edit posts so he removed his false allegation that he started VCP and VCPD. I want to point out that some people were taking this guy seriously before my post, even though it was full of holes and inconsistencies.

For the record the original subject of this post was "The real leader of VCP +VCPD." He had a poll asking if he was the leader or if it was "Death 8". Now he changed the subject hoping that the thread will disappear.

Please lock this if you must but do not delete this. I want this to stand as a monument to Mr.Death's/Mr.Hat or whoever's integrity and as further evidence that he should be named forum idiot.

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im not the fourm idiot what about that stupid person who said that she found a time mashne and there was the doctor chaseing her saying destroy the time mashne my spelling sucks and know that. and why am i the fourm idiot my cereted my self and I am sorry for those how i have ofended ok maby you are the fourm idoit who insaults people

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