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[HELP]server shutsdown at startup

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As the title says... I can't make a server because hen i open MTA server.exe, after it says: "Server started and is ready to accept connections!" it automaticly shutsdown!


= Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.3.1


= Server name : test server

= Server IP address:

= Server port : 22003


= Log file : .. 1.3/server/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log

= Maximum players : 100

= HTTP port : 22005

= Voice Chat : Disabled

= Bandwidth saving : Medium


[2012-10-03 18:36:16] Resources: 453 loaded, 0 failed

[2012-10-03 18:36:16] Querying master server... failed! (302: Moved temporarily)

[2012-10-03 18:36:16] Querying backup master server... success!

[2012-10-03 18:36:17] Starting resources......

[2012-10-03 18:36:19] Server started and is ready to accept connections!

[2012-10-03 18:36:19] To stop the server, type 'shutdown' or press Ctrl-C

[2012-10-03 18:36:19] Type 'help' for a list of commands.

[2012-10-03 18:36:19] Server stopped!

[2012-10-03 18:36:19] Stopping resources..........................

[2012-10-03 18:36:19] Closing SQLite3 database

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You positive that you're not typing "shutdown" or accidentally pressing Ctrl+C?

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Go to mtaserver.conf and stop all resources from starting. Then in console start them manually and if it shuts down post the script of resource that made it shut down and I'll try to fix it.

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