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people get stuck in the buildings?? and im not connected??

Guest coolkid

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clicked the connect button and sent a game request but but it stays on joining.... but it never really connects (how long does it really take?). and the connection status says no connection. but.... i still get past the credits abd it tells me to choose a gang so i do. and i get into their car and i drive to the green squars on my map but the squares seems to be in a building there are 2 of them right where a building is and theres no way in...

so i crtl-alt-delete out of the game (which is still running and... its still says joining but its not really connected yet! and....

the connection status says no connection----but in the box it says whobeingattacked 1 and under that it says whobeingattacked 2... all the way to 35. what is that ????????

help!!! :?::!:

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