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Anderl & CapY - scripting for money


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Anderl and I are in need of money and are willing of taking requests.


- the customer needs to have atleast a grasp of english knowledge

- we do not assist with Valhalla Gaming(vG), Shodown(sG), MTA Paradise and another illegal or open sourced gamemodes

- we do not script the whole gamemodes as it takes a lot of our free time

- briefly explain what you want in details

- payments through PayPal(PP)

The price depends on that how complex the script is.

After the request is done, the test is at one of our local servers, if you are satistified, you pay us first we send you the script.

That is all, if you are interested, drop us a message on one of our Skype accounts:

Anderl: c-anderl

me: crocapy


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Not recommended. Idk about Anderl, but that Capy guy doesn't even know how to talk right. So, basing on that, you can imagine how good his scripting abilities are.

English skills have nothing to do with scripting abilities. Anyway, CapY knows how to talk right, you must be confusing with any other guy.

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