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Player accounts and permissions in database


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I'm currently moving from SA-MP to MTA. So I'm new to MTA. :D

In SA-MP I had a MySQL database for the player accounts, permissions, bought vehicles, etc...

And I want to do the same in MTA. I already have a table for the player accounts and a working Login/Register system.

Now the next step: The permissions. I want to give permissions like "Admin" (General stuff like restarting the server), "Moderator" (kick, ban, ...) or "Teleport" (Teleport to other players, ...) to some players. I know I can do that using the acl.xml

But I want to store it in the database.

My first thinking was adding a check in each command a player can execute which checks the permissions. Is that the right way or is there a better solution?

The next thinking was: I also have to check the permissions if a player is able to use a client side script to do some things like teleporting using a map. If the player selects the target on the map, the permission should be checked on the server again (Because every event called by the client script is bad :lol: ).

I hope someone knows what I mean. :wink:

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That is the normal ACL which uses the acl.xml. But I want to use the MySQL database.

Then what you're asking makes no sense because you must make your own MySQL-based system which means you must make your own functions to do what you want.

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OK, I'm now writing a (complex) MySQL based permission system. :)

It's possible to have groups which contain groups. And this group contain another group or a user/player. And I can assign permissions to players and groups. :lol:

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In MTA:SA you can do ALMOST everything that you can imagine.

That is one thing why I switched to MTA:SA. I just saw the list of functions... :shock:

You can make much more functions if you want: Using modules ( developing them or using the few already made ) or editing server's source code ( qaisjp told me normal clients can join modded servers ).

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