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Live MTA gameplay

Would you like to watch other people play MTA Live  

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  1. 1. Would you like to watch other people play MTA Live

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the idea of mtv wouldnt be so bad, say for a stunting competiton, because you could just watch t3h 57un75 (in 1337 because they'd be good yeah im cool) and for matchs if you had real 1337 gangs that wernt going fo rthe kill, but more of how you DID the kill, (like drving your car straight through a crowd of people, jumping out and pressing the detonater button killing everyone around it and making a gap in their defencve, but for that you'd need obomb shops to work, and yeah ok im getting WAY ahead of mta here so I think ill just stop, and continue with random babling about nothing).

good idea, but you know I wouldnt stay for wthe whole match.

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has been bought up before, but hasnt been discussed in ages

HLTV, or MTATV in this case (maybe VCTV?) or even VCPR ;-P or whatever those news choppers have on the side of em yada yada.... its a good idea

id say its a project which is easily possible to do, but would only be worthwhile after all the anims are in, full syncing, and mta is as close to having all the features VC does now =)

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