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Problem with triggerClientEvent and outputChatBox


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I wrote gamemodes for SA-MP and am new to the MTA scene - so maybe my understanding about the element tree is wrong. I want to call a client function from serverside and output a simple message - but I don't see a message (the trigger should be ok, there is no error in the server console). Both scripts are added to the meta.xml


function callFoo() 
    triggerClientEvent("foo", getRootElement()) 
addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), callFoo) 


function foo() 
    outputChatBox("Hello", source) 
addEvent("foo", true) 
addEventHandler("foo", getRootElement(), foo) 

Is this code right ? source is always the object which triggered an event ? There is a variable called "client", is this the clientside version ?


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Client side outputChatBox doesn't have argument visibleTo.

Arguments is

bool outputChatBox ( string text [, int r=231, int g=217, int b=176, bool colorCoded=false ] ) 

So your second argument is element but should be number( integer ).

Also if you use event ( onPlayerJoin server side event ) it doesn't triggered to all because some body can download something and etc. In this case you should use this:


addEvent( 'SendTextToClient', true ) 
local sJoinMessage = 'Welcome'  
addEventHandler( 'SendTextToClient', root, 
        triggerClientEvent( source, 'SendMessage', source, sJoinMessage ) -- Send text to client 


addEvent( 'SendMessage', true ) 
addEventHandler( 'SendMessage', localPlayer, 
    function( sMsg ) 
        outputChatBox( sMsg ) 
addEventHandler( 'onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, 
        triggerServerEvent( 'SendTextToClient', localPlayer ) -- Trigger when client is ready. 

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My problem was to detect if the player has an account or not (serverside function). So my solution is onClientResourceStart - I trigger a serverside function, check for an existing account and trigger a clientside login or register function and create a dialoge. Then I trigger a serverside function and create an account or spawn the player. Now the system works fine


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