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i was expecting that as soon as i put it up.

i did it in a few hours and every time i

messed up the stunts and i just wanted to get

it finished.

my head was already in shame before it was put it up.

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And i was going for some points on a good song,

also i just noticed that with most videos the stunts go

on a bit long so i just wanted to keep it flowing bit just showing

the main bit of the shitty stunts i had to show.

and bad feedback is better than none.

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dont need to tell me, i am.

but first i may rethink my music taste

that way if my stunts are crap they can

enjoy the good music.

Anyone like Japanesse Rock? or maybe some SKA

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Well i can deffinetly say one good thing about you DarkArtOf, You can deffinetly handle your criticism. thats pretty respectful. Sometimes you can tell a person the cold hard truth about there vid and they cry and complain about what you said. Anyway, Next time land your stunts, include the full stunt, and please don't include plain wall taps... Good luck next time.

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*Lets head on back to the main topic here*

Anyways, I take at least 2-3 weeks on makin a video... *Thats just recording the stunts mainly 2 weeks... I spend about 6 days finding the right music for the stunts.... *Something DIFFERENT* and maybe 3 days with editing.... Sometimes 2.... Depends on how hard the song is to sync with... (Like my last stunt video *Stunt Mania v3*)...

Anyways just have some patience and it will all come together.. good luck on ur next video? :wink:

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cheers, ive just spent the last 4 days going back to basic's

ive been watching all the videos i can get my hands on.

Notcing grinding was the main thing i was missing, i now have about

30some clips of various grinds most of which are in places

that i noticed most people dont use.

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cool, yeh all of my stunts are landed this time,

i make apoint only to record ones that i land,

well except ones that have funny clitchs like my bike

or my char going invisable.

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my videos basically had around 42 stunts each... *All Landed* 8)

& with the editing of the 42 stunts the time for the video will come about 4:20 sec... :wink:

:shocked!: i got about 120 replays damn my vid is gonna be longer than andy's :shock: damn i gotta find more sound, i guess my 3 minute track s a bit to short for 15min vid.

ive asked thargore and he said "100 rep's=3 min usually"hm....

k gotta show only whats necessary (only the stunt itself,no driveing)+ no slow motions.

well except ones that have funny clitchs like my bike

or my char going invisable.

jeh also happened to me(bike only) if u want ur vehicle invisible than u can also use the cheat.

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i dont want my bike invisable, its just that the clitch makes it funny,

well in the clip im on about i hit the ramp bounce off the tree and spin

1080 without a bike. just a woman sat in mid air spinning around.

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