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Kill DJ GTA vol.1 - Full : Eighth film by DJ GTA- Fixed Url


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The TGA server is not down, the uploader is just screwed up for some reason, the TGA server is up 99.99% of the time. I am looking for a new uploader to use on TGA, but haven't found the perfect one yet. For now we are stuck using the same prehistoric method that andyroososoft uses all the time, that being catching me on MSN and i will upload it directly to the FTP and then you can enjoy the High bandwidth TGA has to offer.


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Very Nice! =P I am SO happy you didnt use that first song the whole time, everyones using it and im getting sick of it ;D But i loved the second song :P and VERY original with the talking and such :)

9/10 for stunts =D

7/10 for music, it started boring, mainley because i now hate that song, but im glad you changed it =)

9/10 for the editing, as always, Great =D

Overall 9/10 =)

Happy stunting ;D

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