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Umm, where were the stunts? I think I saw maybe three REAL stunts (and even not real good ones then). Don't use hacks/mods/cheats. Try showing the landing of the stunts and less clips of gta (this is a stunt vid btw). Also, edit your movie a bit better. That ending was so horribly edited. I give it a 1.7/10. It's my job to critisize a vid someone released, and I'm doing just that :D. Don't take it personally. I do this to everyones vids (well, not say they suck. but give them my honest opinion).

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Chuck, I can honestly say that was one of the worst stunt vids i have ever seen in my entire life. You should put a warning on your video next time... "for noob's only." I like watching stunt vids but yours just made me sick.

Surely you Jest! i mean, we all saw the 'RR =D, not to mention... well, i wont mention but, its a given :D

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