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/ignore function in chat hud


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I think a nick based /ignore feature would be best, seeing as IPs are probably only available to the admin, and clients are the ones who'll be using this feature. Also, it shouldn't be a permanent /ignore, just for the time you're on that server. /unignore or just typing /ignore again would be good as well.

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EXCELLENT IDEA, too often do I see people with bad "your momma" jokes, as well as one particular person named "asswipe" who does not play, but uses the client to spread idiotic ideals.

People have the right to free speech, but I see a general rule in that, if you cannot say something in town square, it shouldn't be said in a chat, game, or elsewhere online aside from private messages.

And as for the 12yo thing, i've found most people online who are so offensive are typically 18-20'ish who have had either a repressed, or disturbing childhood, including super strict parents, or even abusive parents, perhaps a bad school, bullies etc. But it is no excuse to say such profain things.

But, then people tell me I over analyze things a lot lol.

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Well, I agree. Remember there's freedom of speech (and freedom of ignorance, too ).

There's also freedom of not having to listen to people being dickheads online...

shut it! im 12 + i don't do annoying messages! don't be a stereo type to all 12 year olds (not flamin or anyhtin tho)

have your parents even read the age restriction on the gamebox? You're a wee bit too young to be play nasty games like GTA by like 6 YEARS!!! You're parents must love you (or not) to be giving you access to age restricted material. What's for your next birthday? Debbie does Dallas 2004 hardcore edition?

Anyway i've got some Penthouse's to finish reading... (for the acticles about the cars, HONOUSTLY!)

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it's my birthday on the 29th! woohoo!

my parents let me play 18 games but not 18 films

english parents aren't as strict as american parents either

so vice is alrite 4 me

Why can't everybodies responses be as nice and mature as your's? I was expecting a flame :wink: At least your parents realize films are worse for you than games.


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