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To kick or not to kick: handling altercations


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First off, I did a search and didn't find any topics related to this discussion; so if there were any, sorry for the new thread, a link to any previous thread would be swell.

This is about changing the handling of cars on your client whilst playing MTA stunt. I've noticed quite a few players who have bypassed CRC checks and altered their handling attributes for some cars, ie. making their firetruck a lot faster etc. What I'm wondering is, what's everyone's opinion on this when used in a stunt server? I've noticed a few players (not many, but some), who seem to get really angry and beligerent towards people who edit their handling configs, but in a stunt server I don't really understand why they get angry. In a stunt server there's basically no competition going on. Nothing to win, nothing to lose. There is no stated objective (unlike deathmatch and team deathmatch where you do indeed have something to do and a way to "proclaim victory").. so what's the problem with making your car a little faster to have a little more fun in stunt mode? It lets you pull off some very nice stunts, and I've had a very fun time watching some people do it! So yeah, what's your opinion on this? Just curious :]

Edit: Just like to add that I am completely against editing the handling config files when there is indeed competition going on, ie. on a deathmatch server, or having a race in stunt or whatever. Cheating to win is lame. I'm also against using handling edits just to annoy people such as ramming and whatnot. Had to get that out of the way.

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cheating in stunt mode is still cheating. i doubt they would change all their files back to original just to play dm. if we start accepting cheaters in one mode of play, it will definitly leak into the other. we cant have double standards, no cheating period.

PS a mod is cheating as well, just cause your nifty ramp isnt called a "hack" or a "trainer" or a "cheat" doesnt make it any less of one. you are altering the game for your advantage, and that is cheating

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Keep in mind, though, that stunting is often just that - stunting. I have joined many a stunt server and every single one was either people doing their own thing without competition, or grouping together to experiment - with minimal, but excusable competition.

Not only should crypto for filecheking change to something stronger - but there should be a server option to bypass crc checks on that server, perhaps in only Stunt mode.

But by that time, if one is competent enough, the executable'll be cracked to disable crc/hash checks anyway...

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PS a mod is cheating as well, just cause your nifty ramp isnt called a "hack" or a "trainer" or a "cheat" doesnt make it any less of one. you are altering the game for your advantage, and that is cheating

yea, sure, i have a HUGE advantage now, those extra ramps on the map will make me unstoppable! :roll:

considering mta itself is essentially one big cheat, you guys sure have a funny view against OTHER things modfying the game. the only things that should really be frowned upon are those cheats that specifically give others an advantage, like health or weapons pickups, to name a couple. "mods", map mods, and car mods, are NOT cheating. they're mods. IMO, the very least you can do is give an option for disabling the crc check (from the server side of course) in all game modes, let the admins decide whats allowed and what isnt.

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you do get an advantage, i've seen skyline mods where there is a whole network of roads up high, so in dm you can escape someone chasing you, and even the simple mods like a few extra ramps in dm can help you take cover from fire without others knowing it.

And dont forget, the next stunt server will (hopefully) have a money-based scoreboard, so when you do use thes extra ramps, you will have an advantage.

altering handling codes is absolutly cheating as well, and as far as I, and many other people are concerned, none of these "mods" are defendable.

one thing that i could care less about is the asthetical mods. as long as you dont alter the handling, who cares if your bike has a different skin.

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I understand where you're coming from but, really and truely all I play in MTA is stunt mode. Sure it makes me look like I'm a potential person to go and cheat in a DM server, but I still don't see the need to kick or ban from a stunt server on an unrelated issue such as DM.

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if you have a bike with better handling/speed and i dont is that fair?

if you have a ramp to get over a jump and i dont is that fair?

If everyone had what that single person had that would be fine, but since they dont that gives the person an advantage

i mean if someone is on their own server with these mods thats fine, its their server, but coming onto someone else's server where people do sometimes have competitions of sorts and modifying things to their advantage is unfair

also, i still think that if i end up running into a ramp which you are going to jump over that would crash the game.

bleh - the above is mindless bullshit

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Keep in mind that I'm not talking about map modifications; only handling changes. And also remember that I'm not talking about any situations where you could have an "advantage" by changing the handling of your cars. I mean no, you don't have the same vehicle attributes as the people who edit it do, but does that matter on a stunt server when the people are just trying to have fun by making bigger jumps?

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My stance is sort of clear but I guess I'll make it clearer. I'm fine with altering handling to have fun in stunt servers where there's no competition to possibly use cheats to win in. I however am against cheating to win any sort of competition, for example, on a DM server.

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i like to use map mods in stunt so i have my own seperate gtavc for stunt and dm. i know later on they will probally make adding map mods harder to do also so do you think in the up coming versions there could be a set of check marks like custom map custome car skin custom car stats and so on. and by the way i do my stunting on private servers with friends and we all liek to use map mods but in the up coming versions it will make it hard to just play with your friends using map mods so there should be check boxes. sorry if this dosent make sence im tired didnt sleep much last night stayed up playing true crime hehe.

If that dosent make sence basic point is add check boxes for differnt kind of mods such as map and car abd so on so people on provate servers can do what they want

If that dosent make sence then just forget you ever read it

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modifying of the handling.cfg or any other mod of the game is CHEATING! everyone doin it should be banned from all the server networks!

i see a guy flying arround in golf cart , firetruck, swat car and what not it looks very fun and i did it alot in the original game, BUT ITS NO FUN WHEN YOU CANT DO IT URSELFS AND SOME NERD IS RUINING AND CRASHING UR GAME JUST SO HE CAN USE HIS MODDED HANDLING.CFG <- THATS ONE HELLA EGO TRIP YOU GUYS GOT THERE!

either share the info how to crack up the exe file and skip the CRC check so EVERYONE can do it or make a fucking patch so its impossible!

it seems like everyone is doin it uncontrolled without server admins doin anything about it.

it is called cheating!!!

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I sort of wish this topic hadn't drifted off track again. I was more or less looking for opinions in the form of civilized discussion than immature flames and whatnot. Was just a simple question as to how it's possible to "cheat" when there isn't any competition in a certain gametype. Seems as though people have a hard time reading the first post of a topic. I give up. vab.

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