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RR's first video

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OK . Here is what i would give this stunt video :

Music : 6/10

Stunts : 8-9/10( VERY good stunts )

ScreenResolution : -0/10 (damn dude . The Bike rider barely appeared on the screen)

If i were you . I would change the screen resolution , Or buy fraps 2.0.0 and remake this stunt video :?

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you're all judging it based on if you were expecting to see a leet video


titles & text - these should only be shown long enough to read the text twice

quality - improve it as its hard to see the chopper in a lot of the chopper shots

effects - add in slow-motion on parts such as when the vehicles are hitting the helicopter but don't over do

content - it's okay to edit stuff out, if the stunt wasn't done right, you don't need to include it, such as the FT trying to go up the steps across from ammunation and over the road

extra stuff - get rid of the hud when filming, and whats with only the top-left 75% of the screen being shown

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Ok ok, my gawd, keep your goatse underwears on!

This video was the first video i have made. I know the res is not good, but this was a FIRST TIME experience. And you guys are not encouraging for improvment by just plain saying it sucks.

The "stunts" are just funnys, not necessarily classified as stunts but ah well dont ya get bored of the normal stuff? O_o

I asked for constructive criticism, and 90% of you just said it sucked, no suggestions other than stab myself.

I didnt expect to be on the top of the video hierarchy when i released it, just wanted constructive criticism.

kthxbi bizatches.


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