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help please im getting errors


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i want to get $100 every 5 mins it saying lots of error dont know why

 function giveMoney(source) 
            givePlayerMoney ( thePlayer, 1000 ) 
setTimer ( giveMoney, 5000, 0 ) 
    local money = getPlayerMoney(source) 
if (money > 6000) then 
resetTimer ( giveMoney ) 
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), giveMoney ) 

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Because you make the giveMoney function create an infinite timer which calls giveMoney itself. That means, every time a new timer is created. If only want one repeating cycle, either create the timer in another function and attach that function to "onPlayerSpawn" event or simple change the third setTimer argument to 1.

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Okay lemme check
function kay (thePlayer) 
 givePlayerMoney (thePlayer, 100) 
  setTimer(kay, 300000, 1) 
addEventHandler ("onPlayerSpawn", root, kay) 

Try this, untested

Again, there's no player parameter.

It's source and it's not sent in parameters of function.

function kay (source)

givePlayerMoney (source, 100)

setTimer(kay, 300000, 1)


addEventHandler ("onPlayerSpawn", root, kay)

got errors line 2

If you would have read what I said, you would not get them but you seem like you just want to copy code.

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If I'm right, it's inefficient to use one timer for each player, and it's more efficient to loop all players with one timer.

setTimer ( 
    function ( ) 
        for _, player in ipairs ( getElementsByType ( "player" ) ) do 
            givePlayerMoney ( player, 100 ) 
    ,300000, 0 

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