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Error while shutting down



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Hi all,

This been happening for a while, but I forget to report it,

anyways, I get this error every time I shut the server down:A83f2.jpg

it happends for me too , but it says MTA SA Server has stopped working , << something like that , my operate system is 64 bit , i'm using windows 7 , my laptop type is HP and i'm using 1.3.1 Server , please help ( i don't have dumps at server/dumps ) , thanks

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Everyone is experiencing this issue when the SQLite3 Database is closing, this isn't some install problem. Besides, I get this issue with 1.3.1, not sure if I would with 1.3 or not though.

Another note is that my computer has been wiped clean recently (About 2 weeks ago) and completely restored with fresh installs of everything.

This is likely just a small overlook (Everyone makes mistakes) that is probably being fixed for the next release, I only just wanted to provide a little more detail in case it does actually help the dev team, not at all some complaint or something as stupid as that, lol. MTA:SA Devs are very professional in what they do, I have complete faith in them

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