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Im making a race server!


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Hmm i have LightRoom 3 photoshop but it dont find .png files. But btw i started to make that timeleft changes to timepassed.... so i changed the timeleft text to timepassed then i runned the server with modified file but not working! The travelling to next map thing just stays there but the map starts but cant drive or anything like that...

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Anybody can find a problem why i cant change the places timeleft and time passed?

Here is my modified script already there i changed timeleft to time passed so they could change places(but the travelling screen stays but maps start no errors in console):

g_Root = getRootElement() 
g_ResRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) 
g_Me = getLocalPlayer() 
g_ArmedVehicleIDs = table.create({ 425, 447, 520, 430, 464, 432 }, true) 
g_WaterCraftIDs = table.create({ 539, 460, 417, 447, 472, 473, 493, 595, 484, 430, 453, 452, 446, 454 }, true) 
g_ModelForPickupType = { nitro = 2221, repair = 2222, vehiclechange = 2223 } 
g_HunterID = 425 
g_Checkpoints = {} 
g_Pickups = {} 
g_VisiblePickups = {} 
g_Objects = {} 
addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', g_ResRoot, 
        g_Players = getElementsByType('player') 
        -- create GUI 
        local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() 
        g_dxGUI = { 
            checkpoint = dxText:create('0/0', screenWidth - 15, screenHeight - 54, false, 'bankgothic', 0.8, 'right'), 
            timeleft = dxText:create('0:00:00', screenWidth - 10, screenHeight - 25, false, 'bankgothic', 0.7, 'right'), 
            mapdisplay = dxText:create('Map: none', 2, screenHeight - dxGetFontHeight(0.7, 'bankgothic')/2, false, 'bankgothic', 0.7, 'left') 
        g_dxGUI.checkpoint:type('stroke', 1, 0, 0, 0, 255) 
        g_dxGUI.timeleft:type('stroke', 1, 0, 0, 0, 255) 
        g_GUI = { 
            timepassedbg = guiCreateStaticImage(screenWidth/2-108/2, 15, 108, 24, 'img/timeleft.png', false, nil), 
            timepassed = guiCreateLabel(screenWidth/2-108/2, 19, 108, 30, '', false), 
        guiSetFont(g_GUI.timepassed, 'default-bold-small') 
        guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(g_GUI.timepassed, 'center') 
        hideGUIComponents('timepassedbg', 'timepassed','checkpoint', 'timeleft') 
        -- set update handlers 
        g_PickupStartTick = getTickCount() 
        addEventHandler('onClientRender', g_Root, updateBars) 
        g_WaterCheckTimer = setTimer(checkWater, 1000, 0) 
        -- load pickup models and textures 
        for name,id in pairs(g_ModelForPickupType) do 
            engineImportTXD(engineLoadTXD('model/' .. name .. '.txd'), id) 
            engineReplaceModel(engineLoadDFF('model/' .. name .. '.dff', id), id) 
            -- Double draw distance for pickups 
            engineSetModelLODDistance( id, 60 ) 
        if isVersion101Compatible() then 
            -- Dont clip vehicles (1.0.1 function) 
            setCameraClip ( true, false ) 
        -- Init presentation screens 
        -- Show title screen now 
        setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike(g_Me, false) 

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Omg please i need some help :(:? . And i like to change the texts color also(map, toptimes, spectators...)

Things to do:


change map, timepassed.... colors

show next map script

and lots of coming.... soon a screenshot of my server too :)

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Now i have a host but the thing is: There was original server files and i added my files.... And started the server and all the noob maps and shit came into my server..... so i deleted the original file.... but the noob maps and shit stayed there.... :cry:

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Because hosting problems...my server has been offline. But i have been working :P And some questions also :D

How can i color that Next Map Start in: 3,2,1


Where is the script Next map: "[DM]Xeat v9 - Minimal"

And "Author: Xeat`=D"


Where i can change NOS pickup bottle color. Blue to Green...


Where i can find to delete that in the right that "|PG|Se#012345x*" died


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