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I have seen way to many threads of people, whining, bitching, moaning about, do it faster, come on, wheres my free shit at?.... people STFU

Sorry about being so rude, but I just want to thank this team of people for the hard work they have put into this, since so many only see the one side of the F*C*ING coin...

ITS AWESOME... who would have though you could take a single player game like this, and turn it multiplayer???

not me... anywho... THANKS AGAIN...

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<<>> Notes for mods... If its to rude... please remove... thanks :)

Have you ever read this forum? If you are going to warn me about explicit content for pete's sake write something explicit. Spend less time apologizing for being rude and start being rude!!!

oops... I said pete's sake, sorry Golly I gotta mind my Ps and Qs.

I agree with the post bwt and that is a strong first post. That's what I call stepping off on the right foot. I can think of a certain F.I. canidate that could learn a valuble lesson from your example. There already is a thread for this but I think there can't be to many congratulation threads for our benefactors. Might help to balance out other cry baby less appreciative threads. Not flaming you plake just pokin fun...

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I agree with Plake. I've been lurking these forums for several months now, more to keep up to date on bugfixes and upcoming releases than for the purpose of conversation. It seems all I see is bitching, whining, and "wah wah - the game crashes!"

Instead of MTA, let's play a different game. It's called "shut the fruck up."

Cope with it. The game crashes, huh? How about I give you a quarter and you phone someone who wants to hear you wail like a child being beaten by an abusive stepfather. In the meantime, cork the squawkbox before I do.

Anyway. Thanks for a great game, MTA team. You guys deserve a medal for putting up with what you have to listen to.

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