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A way ?


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Try onMapStarting to store information about the current map and onPlayerFinish and check if the player's rank is 1. You may have to look into race resource to see what mapInfo table holds when fired to onMapStarting.

sorry, but i don't get what you mean :(

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Go to: "race/modes/destructionderby.lua" and search for the function: "DestructionDerby:handleFinishActivePlayer"

And after:

if #activePlayers == 1 then 


triggerEvent ( "onPlayerDestructionDerbyWin", activePlayers [ 1 ] ) 

Then you can use this new event:

addEvent ( "onPlayerDestructionDerbyWin", true ) 
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerDestructionDerbyWin", root, 
    function ( ) 
        outputChatBox ( getPlayerName ( source ) .." has won the round!" ) 

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