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Hi all

I want to ask if there is some way to output the console log to my screen, like in the chatbox, or somwhere else, because it's pretty annoying have to minimize the game (wich takes some secs) to see the console.

I know if I press F8 there is a console but it doesn't show everything

Would be like this


Imagine the red words down the SS is the console.

Well, that, don't be so hard saying you won't make a script for me blablabla, if you want say that better dont comment ;)

From now, thanks for reading

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What you mean with "security"?

Ofcource I would be the only one who can see it, because Im the developer of my own server

I don't really know what you mean but maybe this http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnC ... bugMessage ?

When a script is started in the (black) console it appears

"[hh:mm:ss] Starting NameOfResource"

I want that appear in my screen ingame as the red words in the SS (not mine btw)

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