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2 Players on one PC @ALL

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could somebody make a splitscreen multiplayer or build it it will be cool

i think it is posseble make the display like 320*240 and make 2 screens and you have it. then only the mta thing in>

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making a split screen for pc is stupid... thats why u have mta!!! :D

Exactly my point too. If you want to play against someone else you know, just hook up a LAN. Splitscreen would also take bulky system specs (which was said above). Anyways, splitscreen would also suck for one reason. You can tell what weapon the other person is changing to, you can see where he is going to spawn, etc. And like Kent said, IT IS NOT going to happen.

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What i think would be cool and possible possibly? is to have 2 - 4 players each use a control pad, and made a mode similar to micro machines, u know u race around and the looser who gets pushed off the screen looses or something

i know gta3 has top down view, alrite it'll probably be really unplayable and a bit daft, but would be pretty cool if it could be done (from the impressed that that could be done kinda view:p)

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