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MTA Team Cover Up??

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I have a ? for the MTA Team. My last topic i started was when will you be done with .3 because this was never answer befeore. ! day after i posted it it was QUICKLY deleted! Soon with this one.... Is the MTA Team coving up when the new version is coming about because they are gettin VERY lazy?!?!?!? You Tell Me! :oops:

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If u would bother to read the rules on ur way to the forums u would see that it says:

Do not ask for a release date, we will announce when needed

Do not ask for many details 'which will be in the next version', we will announce when needed

thats why it was deleted, just like this one is :D

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Ya thats what i think they should do.

Nevermind what they need to do. You aren't in charge of them. You are in charge of WhitePaul03 so stop making him look so stupid.

Let me let you in on a little secret. You didn't pay for this!!!

Be grateful for what you have you ignorant fuck ing tool

I hope you get a chance to read this before it's deleted.

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listen 2 me u :o chink i dont care if i dident pay for this. the reason why im not paying for this is because it is a HACK!!! So think before u talk u :o chink go back where u came from!!!

I agree with KungFu.

um... oops... forgot to login with my other account.

Good thing I said it all with my first one.

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u :o idiot u tried 2 pretend like u had ppl on ur side by using ur other accounts!!!

Wow, you are sharp.

Way to nail that picture post. I'ts more like this you complete moron.

I jacked your picture, punk

[edit] he finally figured out how to post his picture so I have removed my copy of his picture.

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