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[Gta-Ar] GangWars Cops & Robbers V 2.0.0


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Hello Everybody

This Thread shows you how to play in server [Gta-Ar]GangWars Cops & Robbers & gives you tips about how to play it properly

First when you Join the game you need to login & before that if you are not registered yet then register & create an account

Now its Time For the show

Its Skin Selector mode

From here choose the Skin that you want & keep in mind that the skin is linked to specific group (Gang/ Police / No Team ..etc)

so when you are ready Press "Enter"

Well Done you spawned !

In Game Information :

From this point we will talk about Missions & types of groups

Gangs / Police / No Team

Since its just a beta version more updates will be added & this topic will be updated

If you choose " Gangs " you can do right now is:

1- Killing :

Kill another gang member or No Team member gives you $500

Kill Police Cop gives you $1000

You can't kill your group member !

2- Robbing Bank :

You can rob the bank by going to $ icon in radar

Go downstairs to last underground floor

from here you can rob the bank if the door is closed ! if not which means someone attempt to rob the bank before you

so you need to wait until its available to rob

Press Action button "TAB" by default -you can change it from MTA binds key settings-

you will see your player do some animation

Keep in mind : Cops will receive a message shows that you trying to rob the bank

Now go inside & press same button in front of each locker inside

and then there is red point in the north of LS press F11 to see it, go to it.

Well done you robbed the bank !

Note (1) : you don't need to rob all lockers.

Note (2) : if you died and you was the robber, the bag will droped on the ground and you can take it again by pressing same button.

3- Hacking LSPD PC :

You can hack the pc of LSPD to release all prisoners from jail by going to police blue icon in radar

go inside the building, head north, yo will see a computer near the door go in front of it

Now press Action "Tab" button by default

You will see a message that you hacking the pc ... Keep in mind that cops will receive a message that you hacking the pc

Stay where you are & don't move or it will be interrupted

Now you will see a message that you successfully hacked the pc & all prisoners will be released

You will earn money on

each members in your group $500

each members in other groups $200

Well done !

=== Tips ===

1- Cops can't hurt you if you have ( 0/1/2 ) wanted level

2- Cops can gives you ticket if you have (1/2) wanted level ... press "H" to pay ticket

3- Cops can arrest you or kill you if you have (3/4/5/6) wanted level

4- If you died while you are chased by cops or busted you will be jailed automatically

5- If you killed by someone else or by accident you will not jailed + your wanted level will decrease by 2 (-2)

6- when you die you will lose $100 + lose the the clip of ammo of that gun in your hand when you die only

7- you can escape from jail if the door of prison opened but u will gain 6 wanted level

8- you can escape from the cop when busted u by 2 ways :

A- By Someone hurt the cop or kill him

B- By escape from cop car when its near to blow up ... it will shows u a message that you uncuff

9- you can drive by using hand guns /uzi /pistols..etc

10 - you can go to bank & withdraw / deposit / transfare money

11- if you were prisoner you will see down in the right side of screen number of time left & the bail money

12- you can buy guns from ammunation shop its gun icon in radar Or from Arms Dealers

13- You can buy Drugs that make your health increasing ... You can find it in Radar map " D " Icon Or from Drug Dealers

14- You can buy Food to increase your health from food shops (Pizza Stock / Clucking Bell / Burger Shot) Or from Food delivery

15- You can wrestle & fight anyone for money in WWE Wrestling ... You can find it in Radar map " W " Icon

16- You can Put Hit on player to take them down by Hitmans by writing this command with ID of player And the amount of money " /hit [iD] [Money] "

If you choose " Police " :

Police Officer:

Police Officers must protect the city and it's civilians from crime. Their main roles involve arresting warrants (Orange & Red) and issuing tickets to suspects (Yellow). They also have specific police vehicles they can arrest people from it only.

* Note : This colors shows only to cops!

1- Give ticket by press "N" on foot and "2" in vehicle to Suspect players who have (1/2) wanted levels " Yellow "

2- Arrest (using nightstick "by beating them" or guns "by attacking them and aiming at them") or Kill the Wanted Suspect who have (3/4) wanted levels " Orange" & Most Wanted Suspect who have (5/6) wanted level " Red " But you cant give ticket to them !

3- Arrested players " Black " Move them to jail !

4- Innocent Civilians " White " You can't do anything to them !

5- Arresting the criminals from low distance by attacking & aiming your gun at them or attack them by nightstick

6- You can put the criminals inside your car & drive him to prison

7- Putting criminal in jail :

A- Long method .. drive him to jail manually it gives you full money reward depend on how many wanted level he had

B - short method .... keep him near you cuffed until he auto transferred to jail it will gives you half money reward depend on how many wanted level he had

8- To open / close jail Press Action "Tab" button... keep in mind if you opened external jail doors for prisoners & they escaped you will lose $3000 & your name will shows to all cops that you are responsible for this

9-if you saw a prisoner out of his jail attack him with nighstick and he will be jailed automatically

10- you will also see a message when criminals attempt to rob the bank

11- you can buy guns from ammunation shop its gun icon in radar

12 - you can go to bank & withdraw / deposit / transfer money

13- you can drive by by hand guns /uzi /grenade..etc

14- Criminals can uncuff from you if you got many hits from another player or inside the car & the car near to blow up & if you go too far from him

Criminal In Game Colors:

These are the colors of player markers that only the Police Officers can see it and their meanings.

- White - Innocent Civilian

- Black - Busted or Prisoner Suspect

- Blue - Police Officer

- Yellow - Suspect (Can be Ticketed)

- Orange - Wanted Suspect (Can be Arrested or Killed)

- Red - Most Wanted Suspect (Can be Arrested or Killed)

If you choose " No Team " :

pick a specific Job, which gives them an advantage in that area, but does not limit what they can do. See the Job System for a full list of Jobs with detailed information. No Team Players have a huge amount of different activities to chose from, and you receive points and money for any completed Job activity. If you're creative, you'll be able to make lots of money!

No Team Players :

1- you can kill anybody

2- your spawn point is Random

3- this group is nearly same as group gangs right now (read up)

4- Job System :

Arms Dealer :

Arms Dealers can sell different weapons to other civilians. Selling weapons is considered a crime and can cause your wanted level to increase if there is a cop nearby.

Location : Arms Dealer Icon in Radar " Ammunation Gun"To Do : Just go to the shop you will see a new Button " Arms Dealer Job" Go out seliing guns by going near of players they will see notification that you selling guns

Note : Your shop is opening by default ! Selling Guns nearby Cops makes you have wanted level ! To toggel the shop (On / Off) write " /offer "

Hitman :

Hitmen complete hit contracts for money.

The contracts marked as red icon in the minimap.

Location : Hitman Job Icon in Radar " Brown Gun "To Do : Press " TAB " to See the Scoreboard you will see new column called "HITS" those who want be hunted down !

Note : Any players can add hit for any players by using this command /hit [id] [money]

Kidnapper :

Location : Kidnapper Job is Hidden Go find the hideout by yourself !Kidnappers can hold other players against their will for ransom money.

To Do : Just aim near the victim & must his health is lower than 50%

Then: lock the victims in and bring them to a hideout (the hideout will be marked as red flag in the minimap)

Earn Money : in your house until he or anyone else pays the ransomBy putting him

Failed : comes to rescue or with your own willBy copsBy releasing him

Note (1): The Victim current weapon mustn't be gun (Only Fist / Grenades)

Note (2): The cops can rescue all the hostages in the specific hideout and you will get a warning message

Pick Pocket :

Pick Pockets is attempting to rob other players

Location : Pick Pocket Job Icon in Radar " R "

To do : Change weapon to Fist then keep aiming on victim then press Action Button (by Default " TAB ")

Note (1): The distance must be short between you and the victim

Note (2): try not get arrested or killed by the same victim or you will lose the stolen money!

Food Delivery :

Food Delivery workers can sell a variety of different food and drinks to other players. They can also use Pizzaboys / Clucking Bell / Burger Shot.

Location : Any food shop(Pizza Stock / Clucking Bell / Burger Shot.)

To Do : Just go near to any Players they will see a notification that you are offering a foods so they will open it & buy from you !

Note : Your shop is opening by default ! To toggel the shop (On / Off) write " /offer "

Drug Dealer :

Drug dealers can sell drugs to other civilians. Selling drugs is considered a crime and thus can cause your wanted level to increase if there is a cop nearby. Drug dealers also have the ability to grow drug plants faster than other skills.

Location : Drug Dealer Job Icon in Radar " D "To Do : Go to the Hideout & buy GM pack of Drug then go near of any players they will buy from you

Note : Your shop is opening by default ! Selling drugs nearby Cops makes you have wanted level ! To toggel the shop (On / Off) write " /offer "

============== Bribing ===============

command : /bribe

1- if you have wanted level 3-6 you can offer a bribe to a nearby cops and if he accepted it your wanted level will be 0

Note : the bribe is depend on how many wanted level you have!

2- you can offer a bribe to a nearby cops and if he accepted it your bail and jail time will be 0

Note : the bribe is depend on how much your bail is!

3- the cop can accept the bribe usng command: /acc

============== Available Mini Missions ===============

Money in the Bank :

Found in Downtown of Los Santos

Command :

/banktime - to check the time for the next mission start

Earn: $3000 for finishing the mission for all Gangs / No Team Players

Earn: $1000 for Cops for killing Robber in the bank

Deliver The Briefcase

Its a Briefcase that appear random in the map every 30 minutes & deliver it to the specific point in the map

Its not allowed to enter car or jump on other cars to drive u too fast also its not allowed to enter interiors

Earn :$6000

In General :

As a Gang / No Team Player, it's your responsibility to follow the law, or suffer the consequences.

Speeding isn't a crime in San Andreas, but stealing a car, robbing someone, selling drugs and delivering illegal items are all examples of things which will get you a wanted level.

If your wanted level gets high enough, a warrant is issued for your arrest and you become a wanted suspect.

Get caught and you'll spend time in jail!

This is what i can say right now & more updates will be added later

Done -1- weapons saved

Done -2- Advanced Shop

Done-3- Job System

4- Taxi Job

5- Street Racing

6- Fixing Bugs

etc ....

------ Rules ------

* No cheating!

* No insulting and spamming!

* No advertising other servers

* This Gamemode uses some of other peoples scripts all rights go to their respective owners

* Visit Us @ http://www.gta-arabs.com

*Programmed by :







Sorry if i missed something ... if you have a question or suggestion or you found bug / hacker

Post it in GangWars Thread & i will update this thread as soon as possible

My Regards...

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