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solidsnake helped me to make that player color codes won't be seen able and i tried making it to functions, but now something is actually wrong, i got messed up with it, and only check box is seen able, nothing else on the script

check box:

checkedBox = guiCreateCheckBox(30,330,150,20,"Color Names",false,false,Wnd) 


function updateColumnorCodes() 
    local lists = { Grid } 
    for _,Grid in ipairs(lists) do 
        for Row=0,guiGridGetRowCount(Grid)-1 do 
            guiGridSetItemPlayerName( Grid, Row, 1, guiGridGetItemPlayerName( Grid, Row, 1 ) ) 
function guiGridSetItemPlayerName( Grid, Row, Column, name ) 
    local hide = guiCheckBoxGetSelected ( checkedBox ) 
    guiGridSetItemText( Grid, Row, Column, hide and removeColorCoding(name) or name, false, false ) 
    guiGridSetItemData( Grid, Row, Column, name ) 
function guiGridGetItemPlayerName( Grid, Row, Column ) 
    return guiGridGetItemData( Grid, Row, Column ) or guiGridGetItemText( Grid, Row, Column ) 
function removeColorCoding( name ) 
    return type(name)=='string' and string.gsub ( name, '#%x%x%x%x%x%x', '' ) or name 

EDIT: or if you could help me with other kinda way of an script, i don't care if its massive or not.

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