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eXtreme-Stunts (Now Hosted @ TGA)

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it'll be better on andy's site...

What? :crazyeyes:

TGA server = :badairday: which leads to :headbang:

Andy's server = mopedsmile: which leads to ](*,)

No offense ofcourse. Andy = Better content as far as reviews and descriptions. TGA = better speed. Thats about as simple as i can say it. We are working on our content and ease of use though. It just takes time when your in college and partying all the time.

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that's y there's the occasional mirror to TGA on my site!

ill add more if ur starting to get pissed about my speed. the main thing that's always good about my server is that it never goes under 15 kb/s unless u have really bad internet, and the server NEVER brakes down!

hehe, and by the way, dont take the crap outta my site! its my server that's givin the "exceptional" speeds!!


I'll download the vid right now

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not too bad, but i have sum constructive criticism for u :D

camera angles - hurt my eyes too much, dont rotate around the stunt so much :(

quality - ooooh, little random squares! :(

and the thing i hated most wuz the fact that 3 quarters of the stunts werent landed, or u didnt show the landings! :evil:

apart from that, the editing wuz ok, the stunts were exceptional, and there was a hint of originality in it!


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