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This forum software is terrible, there no features compared to IPB. Invision Power Board is the best forum software, you guys should switch, they also have a much better layout and the admin CP is endless. Seriously you guys should consider changing forums.

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  • MTA Team

We have had this debate before, you love ipb, i love phpBB i have tried other bords but phpBB is still the best. I am also following the next major update phpBB 2.2 and it has a lot more functions than the current 2.0. And about the lay-out : i can make ipb look worse than anything you have ever seen. And what do you know about phpBB admin? i doubt u have ever seen the phpBB admin panel

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I run my own servers from home, so i have experimented with many forum softwares. I have tested PHPBB 2.0 and the Admin CP was barely anything compared to ipb, also i know PHP and some caviots that i ran into are visable in PHPbb, like how to keep member information constantly updated if there is a post before the change.

If you would like to see both running I can set them up in seconds with test admins so you can decide? The Layouts can be good on either one, however, ipb has its own html editor, and the organization is unmatched. I will set up two test boards for you to try, however, I think now it is too late to switch, unless you want to sit and manualy transfer db data becuase the table structures dont match.

User: admin

Pass: admin

PHPBB - http://www.flashfx.net/forumtesting/phpbb

IPB - http://www.flashfx.net/forumtesting/ipb

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  • MTA Team

i still prefer phpBB, if you want i can show you the upcoming phpBB2.2 admin cp or u can download the latest cvs snapshot from there website.

On the phpBB site there are also convertors so if someone wants to switch from or to phpBB they can always convert there db.

ipb has some nice extra features but it does not justify the switch for me.

About the build in html editor, i don't like such things, they also still give you some limitations. I have created my own template for phpBB for another board and it isn't that difficult if you know some html and can work with a templateparser

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