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Major MTA bug: missing ramps in Stunt mode!

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My apologies if this has been mentioned somewhere prior, but I seem to be missing some ramps in stunt mode... if you need my help figuring out why, I will help you.

These ramps are not there, I can drive / walk where they normally exist and I do not collide with them. I have seen people go through loops, etc. whereas I am very limited :(

Anyways, screenshots'll tell, so...

Note: drips are from the crack, but I can tried without and the ramps were still gone...




I only get the boatramps... not the other ones.

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I played today for about 4 hours before leaving for work... so many people cheated its not even laughable....

people mod ramps, use trainers... its pathetic... get a life people... why they hell do you want to cheat???

it doesn't show your skills

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