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HELP Map Editor Problem?



First of im sorry if this is on the wrong forum page but i couldnt find the correct one. Please help me.

Well i downloaded MTA for san andreas Map Editor i went to grovestreet and added a Pickup Minigun with default settings (I.e Default Ammo, Default Respawn time) i then saved the map as "Minigun".

I located it by searching on the Mta San Andreas Folder "minigun" the map file was in server>mods>deathmatch>resources

I dont know why it was there instead of just MTA San andreas/mods/map_editor as i heard it was meant to be there.

when the file definitions were only set to Editor_Main and no added gamemodes (deathmatch,ctf)

I then converted the minigun.map file into minigun.ipl then put it in san andreas/data/maps/LA/minigun.ipl

then i added it in the gta.dat file by adding this line: "IPL DATA\MAPS\LA\mingun.IPL" and i saved the file.

Launched san andreas and the minigun wasnt there, did the same but with new game and same results, did the same with objects instead of pickups but instead game crashed on loading screen after selecting load game or new game.

Also tried it with Cars and vehicules but they just were not there same as the pickups.

Whats the problem? is the map file meant to be created in MTA san andreas/mods/map_editor? instead of where i got it from or am i not allowed to do what i am doing? am i missing steps or an ".ide" file? Which i have no idea where to obtain or create. Please i really like this program but really cant import maps into singleplayer. My idea was to have a Tank, Hydra and A minigun outside Grovestreet CJ's house.



Any help would be appreciated :D

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I searched on youtube that it can be done using my method and it has been done many times, i even searched on google and it can only be done with the map2ipl converter. i followed all the sintructions carefully even watched a tutorial video but it doesnt seem to work for me and thats why i am a bit bummed about this, as i did follow and do everything the guy did on the video and written tutorial and both the video tutorial and the text tutorial were the same so i am not doing anything wrong. is there any setting or data i need to change or modify to get it to work?

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