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Well, here's my review.

Resolution: 3/10

Either the vehicle was |--| big (yes those r like area markers) on a screen |------------| big. Or the vehicle was |------------| and you couldn't see the outside of the stunt.

Stunts: 7/10 (of the ones visible)

Not bad stunts. Some pretty good ones. I wish I could've seen them all.

Music: 3/10

The music didn't really apeal to me at all.

Overall: 6.5/10

Some OK stunts and a pretty good attempt at a vid. Also, don't use transitions after almost all the stunts.

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i honestly didn't like it that much. it IS a good attempt, but there definately IS something missing. I liked the variety of vehicles, and i noticed u used Ulead (i use that too).

try it again, this time with better, faster stunts. And maybe make it a little longer :D

l8er dude - - - - - - - Andyroososoft

BTW, if u actually bothered to check my sig, i have pretty much UNLIMITED Disk Space. Although, i will only host files 250MB and under :D, but not like nebody's gonna make a low quality video over 250 MB right??

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i think its very good for a first attempt :D but you might want to add some thigns saying "I did this! blahbalblah did hte song!" so no-one might steal your material :evil: and yeah the camera angles are pretty annoying over all but Good vid! I loved the amount of different Vehicles, most people just use PCJ's and/or the other Bikes. so it was a refreshing change :D

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Well thanks for the input everyone. I'm making a new one with some great stunts (it's still in development, so I'll take the tip and get rid of some of those tacky transitions). So far I'm only working with the pcj but since you guys like the variation I'll put some other vehicles in there. And for the music, anyone object to enter sandman? hehe anyway the camera angles are fixed (thx whoever tipped me on that) and this new vid should be quite a sight...

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