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map objects coordinates


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Hi. Its possible to get coordinates all objects of map loaded in Race (for example to table)?

I know this function can get coords from object, but if object is created in lua script, not in map file :/

local x,y,z = getElementPosition(theObject) 

I know it's weird, but you really need it :?

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for _, pObjectData in ipairs( getElementsByType 'object', mapmanager:getRunningGamemodeMap() ) do 
    local fX, fY, fZ 
    fX = tonumber( getElementData( pObjectData, 'posX' ) ) 
    fY = tonumber( getElementData( pObjectData, 'posY' ) ) 
    fZ = tonumber( getElementData( pObjectData, 'posZ' ) ) 
    outputChatBox( 'x = ' .. tostring( fX ) .. ', y = ' .. tostring( fY ) .. ', z = ' .. tostring( fZ ) ) 

Your mapmanager resource should running.

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