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My first (public) stunt vid!

Guest psistorm

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ok, the file is on its way to uploadit.org

expect it to be there in like 1:30 hours, I´ll post the mirror when its done

EDIT: omg, uploadit is an image host...

it doesnt allow files >2mb

plz TRY and bear with fileplanet, I dont have any mirrors yet :S

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well, seems like noones even seen it yet, lol :D

to solve the probs, maybe someone would like to host me?

I can dcc the movie via IRC ("only" 1:30 worth of upload time ;))

or maybe someone who got the movie could host it on a site (vcsl maybe?)

well, I´ll put it on tga asap :)

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I am in line to download it right now, I will upload it to my FTP as soon as i get it. The Uploader has been giving everyone a shitload of trouble and i have been trying to fix it but it hasn't happened yet. I will conitnue working on it and hopefully it will get back to normal. Anyway i will post the link once its up on TGA

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