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Ped Placement Options


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Hello, like the new function in Map Editor - placing peds on map, but I would like to ask:

Is it possible to add new settings for peds like:

- Ped's Max. Health

- Ped's Weapon ID and Ammo (or just Weapon ID with infinite ammo)

- Ped's Shooting Accuracy

- Ped's Loop Animation

- Ped's Behavior to attack everybody (including all peds and players) with set model IDs (like creating a police ped that will attacks everybody with CJ's model and Grove Gangsters or creating a mafia mobster ped that will attacks everybody (like said earlier, peds and players) who wearing ballas gang or casual civilians IDs). That would be nice to create some shootout scenes, base protection etc.

- Ped's Money

- Ped's Alpha (like making ghosts :lol: )

- Ped's Voice Set

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