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MTA Not Starting/Freezing



Hello everyone,

I've recently quit playing MTA for a 2 weeks. Than returned, wanted to start MTA 1.3 but nothing was happening, however it was appearing in Processes: Multi Theft Auto.exe and gta_sa.exe. GTA San Andreas works well, and I even tryed restarting PC, ending process and trying to restart, and reinstalled MTA 1.3. Than went on MTA website, and downloaded the 1.3.1 version. Installed it, and same problem occured, once again, MTA was not starting... But after like 5 minutes, suddenly MTA Window opened... :? I waited, and finally MTA Opened, so I could see the menu 'Browse Servers' etc. But when I just got happy, 2 seconds later, the entire MTA Frozen... I wasn't able to move the cursor. I got no idea which could be the problem, but I'm pointing, had this problem before cleaning Registry too.

Any help is welcome, thank you!! :roll:

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I have installed everything you gave me, here's the Pastebin log: http://pastebin.com/QGJwaa6S

Now here's a problem.. Now MTa starts slower, when it eventually does I can move the cursor but it works like I have max 10 FPs in the menu which is really strange (Thought a while and... I got banned from a server, after that didn't play MTA 3 days, and after this break period it stopped working). Though I'm still open to your suggestions, just telling so you know.

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Installed Audio and Storage Driver, here's the log: http://pastebin.com/gCfParac

Still doesn't work :(

EDIT: I found something really intresting... MTA Works just perfectly, after reinstall, AS LONG AS THE 'Enter your nickname' GUI is open.,.. I even connected on a server with that GUI open, but once I closed it it was all just freezing... Also MTA works when I minimise it but it doesn't when I maximize, for more than 10 seconds... Any ideas on this ?

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