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Anyone got a server for hire ?

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Im lookin to rent out a server to host our MTA clan server. Anyone know of any sites to rent them from or have 1 available urslf pm me. i dont need a webserver or any of the cheesy extra's most places offer, i just want a permanent mta server up with access to admin panel. gimme a shout

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The problem with those sites is they expect us tp pay THEM over $50.00 per month for their hosting which, maybe I am ignorant here, just sounds like an awful lot considering,

Am I wrong or is the service they provide something that can be done easily by yourself and for a lot less than that per month charge? If it is reasonable then why is it so much cash for just a server rental?


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  • MTA Team

Well, i think i may call you ignorant then ;)

The price of a gameserver depends on a lot of things and is always a lot higher than that of some webspace. The reason is simple : bandwith and datatransfer.

A game server generates a lot of traffic. A server running a gameserver (and i am talking general, not MTA only) takes up a lot of bandwith. This also generatos a lot of traffic. While most websites barely move one GB/month a gameserver gets to 10GB with ease.

Another factor that determens the price is the number of player and if it is a public server or a private one. A private one needs to be kept close for general public at all time. Because it is only used by your clan there is a lot los traffic and the price is lower.

Also somthing important is the service, how fast do they handle requests, what extras do i get (webspace, teamspeak/ventrillo, mapspace, ....)

You need to take all those things in account and you will come to the conclusion that most sites have decent prices. But before you decide always read carefully what you get and what your obligations are. If for example you need a 6 months contract every time and after 7 months your clan dies you need to pay for 5 more months.

Also try to find out if other users are happy about a server rented by that company and ask that company if you could test a server for a couple of hours with you clan that way you can look at the ping and lag

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Just a quick note, a public game server that is being used 24/7 for a month can generate 300GB of traffic in a month in worst case scenerios.

As for datatransfer, if each player consumes 4kB/sec (server uploading to player), and you have 16 players that equals 64KB/sec of traffic. Most internet connections are not able to upload at 64KB/sec and the one that are cost quite a bit. In canada, you can get a DSL line that can upload at that bitrate (640kbit or ~70-80KB) for around $80/month CAN. Transfer $80 into USD = about 60-65USD. A 16 player server can cost 65.95USD at Wojjie Networks, which can cover the cost of that dsl line, but you also need to setup a computer that will be on 24/7 and that is able to handle that amount of traffic.

MTA does not take that much CPU, but take a bit more bandwidth. As for Counter-Strike 16 players can spike up to 80% cpu usage on a P4 2.0ghz when at capacity.

As for private servers costing less, that is because there is an assumption made that generally the server will not be used all the time. As for a public server, it may end up being full 24/7.

I hope all this clarifies why game servers cost as much as they do.

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