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Hosting your MTA Server or OVZ VPS for 1 month - for free!

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So guys, here we go.

On 5th of November my dedicated server expires - I am currently migrating to a redundant VPS-Solution.

There are 30 days left and I've got no use for the server anymore, so I am just giving away a few MTA servers and a few VPS for one month, for free.

Just drop me a PM and I will set it up for you.

I will set up servers with up to 64 slots, for further information i would refer to this thread:


> The possibilitly to remotely control (start/stop/restart) your server via a small webinterface

> FTP access to upload/download your serverfiles and configure them to your needs

> Access to a MySQL database

> Webspace to upload your website/statusscripts/whatever

> personal support from ME :wink:.

>The server OS is Debian, but i also got a Windows Server VM running. The choice for the OS of your MTA server is up to you.

> Install and use any modules you want

But this time, this all is for free. (Except the IP, I am going to leave that out this time).

I am currently not encouraged to extend the contract with the hosting company of my dedicated server. But if you are satisfied with your sever and you would like to renew your service (MTA server or VPS) just drop me a line and if there are enough people who are interested, I will maybe continue hosting this server.

Please understand that in this case I would ask small fee for every server (pricing can be looked up in this Thread: viewtopic.php?f=116&t=46335) to cover the dedicated server's fee.

For the VPS I will give you an OpenVZ container with 512 MB RAM and the same amout of Swap Memory, 100GB of disk size and 1vCPU.

For the VPS server itself you will not have to pay any bit. However, every new IP I request from my hosting provider costs me 1€, so if you plan to get a VPS I would have to ask you this 1€ for the IP.

You are allowed to install almost anything you want onto this server (OS will be Debian), but I ask you not to do anything illegal AND please avoid IRC bouncers/servers and torrent seeders. However, downloading legal(!) torrents is permitted.

Of course VPNs are also allowed, though I doubt that owning a VPN in Germany would make any sense for you.

Again, for the VPS: Drop me a line and I will set it up. Also give me a hostname and an initial root password (you should change it later, anyways) to configure your server.

Any questions? Compliants? Reply to this thread.



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hey Shigawire! ;D i have heard a lot of good things from your clan keep up the good work

anyways about the hosting.

i am a Stealth player and i would love to have a free hoster to host my server for me !

my clan name is |TSA| and that stands for Tactical Stealth Assassins

can u also give me the ftp ? i would really appreciate it .

so lets top it all up

Server name : |TSA| Clan Stealth Server

Scripts : i would love a few scripts and i could let u know when we have the server up and running

Admin rights : this would be useful mate as i have ranks in my clan

and also one last thing . what are your specs and yeah i dont have a credit card otherwise i wouldve gave u some cash to keep the server running .

Thanks mate i look forward to hearing from ya



Skype : izymta

servers i play on : [GCC] Stealth Server ( you can also contact me here if u wish )

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