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Improved site (05/11/2003 @ 10:41 CET) by Webmaster


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As you probably have noticed, there is a new website ;). The big difference for you people is the new index page which shows the most important things : the latest releases and the latest news (2 full news posts and 5 titles). The visitor counter has been changed and set to a more accurate number and a new counter that shows the number of users at this moment has been added. The nedstat counter still remains. This counter is more accurate but does not count for the first months of the project!

The error reporting form has been removed, this because of abuse and because of the fact that 95% of the questions asked in there can be solved with the FAQ and forum. Also the manual has been updated to 0.2.2 and the First time user guide has received a revision as well.

Does this justify a version number increment? Yes it does. What you do not see is that the website has been rebuild from 0 and works with a new system. This system will allow us to maintain the site on a very simple way. It is also important for future versions which will support login and multiple templates.

Due to the fact all the links have changed do not forget to update your bookmarks

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