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commands on 0.5??

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Where did you got the MTA 0.5r2 ?

If you got it from Project-Redvivus then there should be a commands list on their wiki,

if you got it from here, the only command I know is /kill

MTA 0.5r2 is the same no matter where it is downloaded from, as long as it comes from a safe, trusted download source.

As for commands, the built-in ones in MTA 0.5r2 that I can remember off-hand are /msg, /help, /msgr (not usable for normal players), /kill, and /quit.

As Callum and Towncivilian have mentioned, scripting languages can extend this in other ways, but those commands are not built-in because they are dependent on the design the server scripting them decides to do.

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