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Question on speed

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Okay, I don't have the fastest computer. I have 256 mb of ram or more, I have cable, 1.11 amd duron processor. I had trouble when I bought Battlefield 1942 a while back. Serious lag when I was playing by myelf. So that tells me my video card stinks. So.. would it do the same for vice City on PC? Does vice city have more or less polygons? This will help me by not going out to buy the game.. any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Well, the combo of it being a Duron and a sucky GFX card it gonna do you in for all the new stuff coming out. UPGRADE!! :D I know its not an easy thing stuffs expensive. Anyway, I ran GTA:VC on a Athon 600 with a 32meg G-force 2 FX, so if you card beats that then you should be ok. If not, you may still be ok, with Vice City you can dumb down the GFX alot. Besides its a great single player game too.


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Might want to get some more RAM (512MB)... Not really sure of how much RAM Vice City requires...

Assuming you have a decent video card, you should be able to run VC fine (I've run it on a GeForce 2 ti200 and a 900mhz machine; without having to lower the graphics quality by too much, and use a GeForce 3 ti200, 1.4 ghz machine usually).

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