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My first stunt Vid " I Like Muffins" check it out

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Hey to all you fellow gamers. This is my first vid i've made. I got tired of carrying around all these replays so i finally just crammed it together . I know its not super fancy special effects, it's just stunts and music and a little editing. Check it out and enjoy.


If yall could give me some feedback or rate it i'd appreciate it .thanx ;)

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:notworthy: Very Nice Name Thumbs up to muffins :D

But yeah, The stunts we're all pretty good, some a bit repetitive, some terrible visibility but yeah over all they we're pretty nice =D

heres how id sum it up:

Stunts 7.5/10 Some very good stunts but like i said, some were done like 10 times over :roll:

Visibility: 5/10 'Nuf Said

Music: 6/10 Not Really my cup of tea, but after a while I got used to it and it seemed to be OK :P

Over all: 7/10 Very good for a first movie! ;D

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Thanx for the feedback guys, especially from true stunters such as yourselves. I did have too many repetitibe stunts i think also. i just wanted to get this one done so i could start on my next one which will be alot better hopefully. This was kinda like learning the basics. Me and Bloody have started working on a new vid so look out for it soon.

Again Thanx.

SM Smacktard, i thought the SM guys would be owning the world records. ;)

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