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Game crashes in stunt mode

Guest sir-oberon

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I´v got WinXP Pro running and a german version od GTA:VC with gxt-files copyied.

In the normal mode everything works just as it should but in stunt mode the game crashes at two points:

1. When I try to get off a car/bike as a passenger.

2. When going to pink marker in the pizza place.

(Both works in normal mode v0.2.2)

Sir Oberon

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yes, I've had that problem too, with exiting cars and crashing. the reason for this is that there are some bugs in the exit code. the mta team switched the exits from vehicles in the choppers and i think that messed it up in stunt. deathmatch works fine for me, which is strange. also, sometimes I crash when a bike crashes and i'm a passenger and the other guy flys off. does anybody else have that problem?

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