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Open the VNC roof link


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i also would like to no where it is or do i have to look 4 it my self

1. Go to the VCN building's helipad. The VCN Maverick helicopter is parked there. 

The VCN building on the west island, downtown area. It is on the north side of North Bridge (the bridge that leads to Prawn Island). At ground level, the building has a large logo reading "EIGHT TEN VCN" and an open door slightly to the east. This door leads to the roof, where you can climb up the ramp to the helipad. You can also reach the helipad by taking any other helicopter and landing there. 

2. On the helipad, go to the north west corner of the pad and face west. You can see an apartment block with lots of windows. Ttake a running jump at the nearest set of windows. You will unnaturally go through the windows. 

3. Keep walking forward. Eventually, the camera will come into the room with you and you will see you are in a plain room with barren walls, a blue floor and a white plinth in the centre. On the plinth is a large chocolate egg with the words "Happy Easter" written on in icing. 

Source: http://www.eeggs.com/items/39243.html

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No, I did hear from someone that there is a sea helicopter as well. Like the one the French scientist that died a few years ago always used on his sea-expeditions (can't spell his name in English, sorry). The sparrow is not a chopper, it is a plane. The one I wrote about was a chopper.

And no no no! The boats will be fun as hell! Specially to do jumps on water but also drive around and shoot helicopters from water.

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things that should be open:1:the big construction building near starfish (the 1 u blowed up in a mission) there u can do some cool stunz :) 2: the stairs who lead to the spotlight roof...

damn y do i list it all JUST OPEN EVERYTHING FOR THE STUNTSERVER, its confusing me y some things r open and some not :roll:

By the way, is there any real airplane in VC (like in GTA 3, but really flyable)...?

when u drive from downtown to prawn island look at right side (called skimmer) i still prefer the dodo, i h8 the skimmer's handling its made for noobs and a looping is all u can do with it :( i really suggest u to learn flying with the dodo (the reason y im still playing gta3) :)

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Skimmer, hell yeah! Those names... :wink:

Rebel, i ment a REAL airplane, not hydroplane. Is there a plane with weels in VC?

And still: hydrohelicoper, ha? Did I hear right? Is there also a chopper that can land on water...?

ah real=with weels k no there's only the skimmer

u'll get the seasparrow (hydrohelicpter) delivered to the vercetti estate when u got hm... i think it was 50 hidden packs.

ps:many ppl want the dodo in mta or even only in vc SP but in my opinion the flying phisics of vc r totally different to them of gta3

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Yes, that's the one heli i talked about - seasparrow. That would be fun then boat support is in! :wink:

Different air physics? Yes, highly probable. Still, an airplane that can land (and take off!) on/from the ground would be fun in MTA: VC. However, then GTA 3: MTA is finally released, I wouldn't care as much for VC then. : )

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