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[UNSOLVED] Server shuts down as soon as it starts



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My server worked some an hour ago, I wanted to test if the features would work after full restart. So I shut down the server and started it again, but now, suddenly it just closes after I start the program.

I checked the logs folder, nothing there. Are there any other log files I should check so I can find out the actual problem? This has never happened to me before and weird how this came up like this. I installed the latest nightly data files again after installing it. I suppose the issue is with the files, maybe they are corrupted somehow?

EDIT: Restarting the computer didn't work out.

EDIT x2: Alright, well I ended up with re-installing GTA and MTA. Worked out, now working. I did not install the latest nightly build after re-install.

EDIT x3: After restarting the server, it did it again. Here is my dump file: http://www.speedyshare.com/Jn6qY/downlo ... 1-1359.dmp.

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