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try hitting a wall really hard :) sometimes you can fall through this way too. i remember i crashed into a building next to the bridge to starfish and i went right through and fell for a minute under the map. then my game crashed and i had to unplug it.

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I rode with him and it's weird that there is a hole in the map like that. I always wondered what that Yellow blip on the radar was when nothing was there. Could the two be connected in some way?
u need to read a bit more, those yellow blips are people on the rootop of that hotel that are in there spawn menu
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sweet find!

gonna try that out in my next SP game :D

btw: in my next vid I´m going to show of another one of those "holes", altho it just leads inside the wall of a building

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it's not a bug in programming, but a hole in the map itself. the vc mapper either forgot to put an actual roof there, or didnt think it would matter, so we see the roof, but its only visual. both games have them throughout, but this one is unusually big

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